Conceptual model background

The competitive sport model presented here is a conceptual framework developed to function as a vision for the future and a starting place for the new managing director. The model has evolved from this starting framework, and will continue to do so based on feedback provided through ongoing input from stakeholders.

Sport and recreation play an important role in the UBC student experience and the University’s rich history. Wins on the world stage and a long, proud Thunderbirds legacy are a significant part of this history, as are the many ways in which the entire UBC community engages with sport.

Looking forward

A new conceptual model for competitive sport at UBC’s Vancouver campus was developed to reflect this history and set us on a path to greater excellence in the future. The model was formed by a Think Tank of experts including senior administrators, academics, and partners in the private sector, as well as through consultation with passionate stakeholders.

Overview of the conceptual Competitive Sport Model for UBC’s Vancouver campus

The conceptual model forms the basis of the best possible sport model for long-term success at UBC. Watch and listen as Louise Cowin, Vice-President, Students provides an overview of the conceptual model.

Images courtesy of UBC Athletics & Recreation, UBC REC, and the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre.


Competitive Sport Model - Web Icons-08Conceptual model summary

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Competitive Sport Model - Web Icons-07-6Your say

We asked the UBC community to provide feedback on the new model. Comments received are very important and will be considered by the Athletics Think Tank panel members.