Project goals

Sport Review Goals

The overarching goals of the Sport Review are to:

  • Sharpen the focus on elite high performance sport development opportunities through partnerships with other key sport organizations and tapping into UBC research expertise.
  • Protect the long-term sustainability of UBC’s strong Athletics and Recreation program.
  • Focus investment to achieve greater success at the varsity and high performance levels, while ensuring broader student participation in UBC competitive sport.

The review is not a cost-cutting exercise, however, one of the outcomes will likely be the reallocation of financial resources and support among UBC’s current 29 teams. It is important to note that no decisions have yet been made concerning any UBC varsity (UBC Thunderbird) team.

Sport Review Goals

The goal of the Sport Review is to:

  • Gather input to determine appropriate criteria, weights and measures by which the Sport Advisory Team can undertake an objective and uniform analysis of all varsity teams, and interested AMS clubs, and make recommendations for placement of each within the framework of the new competitive sports model.
  • Gather, check and confirm all information required to complete the review process.
  • Provide coaches with the opportunity to provide further context concerning information utilized by the Sport Advisory Team and make formal appeals to preliminary recommendations.
  • Create a future process by which teams can apply for placement within the competitive sport model, or by which teams that are currently placed in the model can apply to a higher strand of competition.

The Sport Review has been undertaken with a deep commitment to transparency and rigorous communication, including providing ample opportunities for all members of the University community to provide feedback throughout the process, including proposals for alternate funding and community partnerships.