About UBC Athletics & Recreation


A healthy, active, and connected community where each person is at their personal best and proud of their UBC experience.


To engage our community in outstanding sport and recreation experiences, to enable UBC athletes to excel at the highest levels, and to inspire school spirit and personal well-being through physical activity, involvement, and fun.


To deliver on the vision, we make decisions and prioritize work that will:

  • Increase participation
  • Deliver excellence on the national and world stage
  • Build school spirit
  • Nurture a strong sense of community
  • Cultivate an inspired workplace where staff are at their best


Our strategy is to invest in partnerships, to leverage resources, and to align with other UBC units and organisations.

What we do

We focus our efforts and resources on:


We deliver engaging, dynamic programs for the whole of our community that increase involvement in sport and recreation and deliver performance success.


We provide unique and exciting student learning opportunities that foster personal growth, skill-building, and leadership development.


We create high quality, community building events where people can connect, have fun, and get involved with UBC, recreation, and varsity sport.


We invest in cross-campus and community partnerships that drive research and improvement in the areas of high performance sport, fitness, and well-being.